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A motivation and educational speaker experienced in high engaging topics from Fashion, Business and Education.

Hi, My name is Care and I believe in sharing my story.

People can go almost anywhere or click on almost anything and hear a message. Words are powerful and we all know this.

If you are reading this you probably have an audience that needs more than empowerment and uplifting words.

They need to hear the story of someone who has done it, is doing it, and someone who is willing to share the ways in which you can get it done.

Since 2010 I have been speaking to audiences of all ages and since 2018 I have had the privilege of sharing my business journey with others.

Allow me to bring tangible resources, authentic practices, and an engaging conversation to your audience. 


Fashion & Creativity
Women’s Empowerment and Confidence


Small Business Ownership
Accessing Financial Capital
Faith-based business practices
Personal and Business Finances


Equitable access in Higher Education
Best practices for creating and implementing early college access programs for secondary students

Embodying Blackness & The Black Experience



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“I believe in my business and I believe in my brand… I go into spaces and I’m confident in what I’m delivering.”

Care talks about the importance of networking as a business owner. Care launched True 2 Size Shoes in 2018. True 2 Size Shoes is an online store that specializes in exclusive footwear for women wearing US shoes sizes 5.5-13.

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