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Design your shoe or handbag line without the exhaustion and financial burden of traditional school in just 6-months.
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You want to design your own fashion line.

But you have no idea where to start...

you cringe at the thought of going back to school and spending YEARS in a classroom.

Not to mention, the cost of school and limited access to fashion schools in non dominant cities. Honestly, you know you can do it, you just need the shortcut to make it happen.

But what if you could start your line in 6-months or less?
What kind of fulfillment would that afford you?

Financial freedom, Time freedom, The ability to share your dream with the world?

What if I told you there is a way!Not only is there a way, it’s THOUSANDS of dollars cheaper than the traditional design route and affords you even more opportunities for your line. 

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The "Design without Defeat" Elite Program

…a step by step blueprint to designing your fashion line and launching your business profitably. 

I've held these secrets for nearly 3 years about how I've been able to...

  • Design shoes & handbags without being able to draw
  • Find & vet manufacturers for my designs
  • Create rendered ready designs without knowledge of fancy design programs
  • Source materials below standard prices
  • Negotiate minimum order quantities & payment plans with vendors & manufacturers
  • Create non traditional sizing in a standard market
  • Quit my 9-5 and automate a successful business freeing up my time 


What's Included in the Designing without Defeat Elite Program

Access to my 6-month Program & Curriculum + 6 months of me on your team!

There’s no way we could cover all the information contained in the program (much less expect you to apply it!) in less than 6 months! Structuring the program as a 6-month container allows us the time to give you a full spectrum of knowledge in the design space with pre recorded and live lessons.

Even if you are a “speed racer” with implementation, the 6-months of content with an additional 6 months of access to me on your team (12-months total) duration gives us an opportunity to tweak and test everything to ensure optimal, ongoing results even after the program is over!


Monthly one on one Calls with me & My team of Experts 

At least once per month, we’ll have high level coaching calls to go over the material, discuss your personalized strategy, and overcome any mindset blocks that are holding you back from your highest results. (Maintaining a positive mindset is more important than you realize!) You will also have an opportunity to learn from experts that I myself learn from (these are true, high-level experts!) who will serve as occasional guest coaches on a wide variety of subjects including design techniques, trends in the market, marketing and more!

Monthly Critique & Design Assistance for your Line

Each month, I will personally assist you in perfecting your designs and clarifying your brand.  I walk with you through every step of the design process. You will have access to my knowledge, my design network, resources, tools, and all of the design programs and spreadsheets I use in my own business.

Monthly critiques are separate from coaching calls. (You really get 2 calls with me when you think about it!) We work in real time to execute your designs and get your line perfected and ready for launch. 

Access to My Full Curriculum, Templates & Supporting Course Modules

This is where we’ll master your design position in the industry. We will go on to perfect your marketing and messaging to appeal to the perfect audience for your designs.

In addition to the complete Design without Defeat Elite curriculum, you also get access to my personal library of templates, systems, automations (my exact calendar of emails!), and “done for you” documentation on everything from tech packs, design spreadsheets, inventory & sourcing documents, and more!

Branding & Setting up your Business

Creating designs is only one piece of the puzzle for launching your own line. You will need to be a "business" to truly be successful in the fashion space. 

No matter if you're e-commerce only or you have a brick and mortar too, we will work together to develop a full business plan and model that will allow you to take your line to the market. We will also develop your brand voice and presence across social media and your target market area. 

Here's what we'll do together in Design without Defeat

Phase 1: This Phase is all about getting you ready to master the industry. Not only will you gain the mindset and history needed to jump into designing but you will learn the inter-workings of the design process! This will give you the "set a part" factor needed to break into the industry.

Module 1: Conceptualizing, mindset, and vision casting

Lesson 1: Mindset & Overcoming defeat
Lesson2: The confidence of a designer (thinking like a designer)
Lesson 3: Design history, Vocabulary, & Resources
Lesson 4: Target Market/ Where you fit into the market

Module 2: Designing with non traditional tools

Lesson 1: How to inspire designs (mood boards, inspiration, concepts)
Lesson 2: Getting your designs onto “paper”
Lesson 3: Choosing the right EVERYTHING! Colors, materials, specs, size, seasons, etc.

Module 3: Working smarter not harder

Lesson 1: Using designs already in the market
Lesson 2: How to get a Co-Lab
Lesson 3: High Fashion Industry vs Fast Fashion Industry

Phase 2: In this phase we will bring your designs to life. You will learn everything from finding and working with manufacturers to putting your hands on your real designs through the sampling and prototyping process. 

This is where you will truly begin to see yourself as the designer you truly are!

Module 1: Finding & Working with Manufacturers

Lesson 1: How to find & vet manufacturers
Lesson 2: Sourcing Materials
Lesson 3: Tech pack & review process
Lesson 4: Sampling & prototyping

Module 2: Design Timelines & Production Schedules

Lesson 1: When to design what (timelines & seasons)
Lesson 2: How to follow or avoid trends
Lesson 3: Negotiating timelines & Prices

Module 3: Let’s Design

Lesson 1: How to create a collection
Lesson 2: How to design one-off designs

Phase 3: This phase will prepare you to launch your line as a true business. You will understand how to acquire customers, brand yourself in the market, and do all the administrative pieces that your business requires. 

Module 1: Your Brand

Lesson 1: Target Market & Audience Research
Lesson 2: Creating your brand identity
Lesson 3: Designing your brand presence with Canva

Module 2: Your website & Marketing plan

Lesson 1: Tips for designing your website
Lesson 2: Business Plan Development
Lesson 3: Let’s create your marketing plan

Module 3: Administrating your business

Lesson 1: Pricing Your Products
Lesson 2: Legalizing your business
Lesson 3: Automating your business (emails, posting, customer retention)
Lesson 4: Managing your money (how to run a business)
Lesson 5: Customer Care & Support 

Clients Love The Program

**If you choose the pay in full option you will pay a deposit of $2,000 now and the remaining will be completed via invoice or electronic transfer within 7 days. Instructions will follow payment via email.

**If you choose the monthly payment option you will pay a deposit of $1,100 for your first month now and we will set you up on auto pay for your desired date each month during our intake meeting. 

About Me


Care Monique

Designer & Business Coach

Hi, I'm Care Monique. I am a serial entrepreneur and lover of all things fashion. You are probably here because you know me as a shoe designer. I design women's footwear in stylish and on trend styles for women in non standard sizes and widths.

From my years of experience through self teaching and much learning and failure, I help other designers create their ideal labels without the hardships of formal education.

I started this journey from my shoe store Faye Nicole. I realized there was an entire market of women's footwear that was untouched... I was in this market. Women wearing above a size 10 struggle to find attractive footwear because no one was making them. I became the someone that changed that. Having designed many styles of footwear and seeing my styles on countless women I count it an honor to help others start their journey to designing fashion that matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between your other courses and this program?

A: To start, I don’t teach any of the content contained in the program in my self-study courses. :-) Not just because the value contained in this program is impossible to convey at a $200-$2,000 course level, but because so much of your ability to achieve these results requires transformation, not just information. By working alongside you in a one on one setting, I can ensure you receive the personalization, mindset coaching, and most importantly, accountability you need to be able to pull this off. Furthermore, my courses are self-study and self-paced, whereas this program is specifically designed to help you achieve specific milestones by a specific time.

Q: When can I expect to have my designs in hand?

A: Because each business is unique, there’s no way we can project or guarantee your exact date, but the program is designed to have designs in hand between months 6-12. That said, the program is designed to help you immediately begin designing within the first 30-90 days. Most of the clients thus far have been able to have designs in hand within 7 months or less. Nevertheless, we require all participants to commit to the financial and time investment of the program for the full  6 months of learning and full 12-months of working with me, regardless of your speed and ability to achieve results.

Q: How much additional capital will I need to get my designs created?

A: This answer is two-fold; aside from the investment in the program, I recommend all clients have a minimum of $1,000 to get their designs from ideation to sampling production. (This is with the mindset of manufacturing outside of the US and is on the high end.) Should you wish to work with US manufacturers, you are looking at an additional cost of at minimum $4,000 for sampling & prototyping.

For bulk production, this budget will be based on the quantity of which you choose to produce designs. For example: Currently in 2022, the average minimum order quantity for manufacturing women's shoes in China (private label) is about 100 pairs. These pairs range from $12-$24 per pair in bulk production + shipping cost. 

Don't worry, in the program, I teach you how to negotiate and find the best deals for bulk production.  

Q: How long will I have access to the program content and calls, and support?

A: Content for the program is life time access but calls and support end at 12-months. You can hire me as a Business Coach or consultant monthly after your program ends as well. ⁠

INVESTMENT DISCLAIMER. YOUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ENTIRELY ON YOUR OWN EFFORT, MOTIVATION, COMMITMENT AND FOLLOW-THROUGH. WE CANNOT PREDICT AND WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL ATTAIN A PARTICULAR RESULT, AND YOU ACCEPT AND UNDERSTAND THAT RESULTS DIFFER FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL. EACH INDIVIDUAL’S RESULTS DEPEND ON HIS OR HER UNIQUE BACKGROUND, DEDICATION, DESIRE, MOTIVATION, ACTIONS, AND NUMEROUS OTHER FACTORS. YOU FULLY AGREE THAT THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES AS TO THE SPECIFIC OUTCOME OR RESULTS YOU CAN EXPECT FROM USING THE INFORMATION YOU RECEIVE ON OR THROUGH THIS WEBSITE OR PRODUCT. When you purchase our product, you understand that there is no guarantee that you will achieve any particular result or outcome using any of the ideas, tools, strategies or recommendations presented. We make no promises or warranties concerning your likelihood of success, performance, future earnings, business profits, marketing performance, customer growth or results of any kind. You understand that with any business endeavor there is an inherent risk, including a loss of capital and loss of customers and therefore you assume all responsibility for any such risk.