About Me

Hi, I'm Care! I am a serial entrepreneur and business coach for female entrepreneurs in the start up and re-pivoting business phases. I own a Women's shoe store called Faye Nicole (www.shopfayenicole.com) & a cosmetic line called The CREW Cosmetics (www.thecrewcosmetics.com).
I have more than a decade of experience in entrepreneurship including both failed and successful businesses. I built Care Monique LLC to empower the next female entrepreneur to get the job done!
I am well versed in teaching and formally trained in education having a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University in Human Development & Family Studies and a Masters of Education in Student Affairs Leadership. My passion is aligned with helping others succeed and I love sharing my knowledge. 
Take a moment to look around, grab one of my ebooks or take a course! I look forward to working with you.