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I am in the business of helping you with your business. Whether you are in the general e-commerce space, or my specialty, the fashion e-commerce space, I am excited to help you achieve your goals. 

My Programs

I offer two semi-structured mentorship programs and also love to answer questions for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to work on a non-structured basis through my one on one hourly mentorship.

Business Basics

A 90-day program created to assist brand new entrepreneurs in getting their business idea out of their head and into a tangible, well-researched start up. 

Business BootCamp

A 30-day structured intensive one on one program for new and young entrepreneurs looking to learn the fundamentals of the startup & rebuilding phases of business. 

One on One

This is an hourly mentorship service for entrepreneurs looking for a less structured approach to business. Perfect for those with a few questions/looking for clarity on an idea.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

I am proud to serve new entrepreneurs in a way that is different from the continuous pulling apart of ideas. Using a mentorship approach that allows me to work alongside my mentees and bring them up with me as I grow makes this so worth it!


Satisfied Clients



90 – Day Program

Spend 3 months deep diving into your business. Learn how to incorporate, complete market research, identify your target audience, sell online and in person, as well as develop a brand identity and fail-proof marketing plan. 

Business Bootcamp

Learn to believe in yourself and the power of intense focus. This 30-day boot camp is equipped with the major tools needed to start up or rebuild your brand.  Each week you will accomplish new goals and position your business for greater success. 

One on ONe 

Just have a few questions? Need to get some professional advice? This service is ideal for new entrepreneurs who are in need of picking my brain. Maybe you are looking for a business coach or just want to chat before truly diving into your business journey.  This is a pay by the hour service

My Skills

I am professionally trained in e-commerce retail, specializing in women’s footwear and clothing. I have years of experience in public speaking and mentorship, as well as a formal degree in education.

My mentees have chimed in and shared their experience with my services and knowledge. Take a look for yourself and see how beneficial my assistance can be to you and your business. 

  • STart Ups/New Ventures – 100%
  • Market & industry research – 100%
  • Branding & marketing – 98%

From my Mentees

Hear it from those I serve first-hand. 

“…In less than a year, I accomplished 4 of my 5 major goals”
Min. Tishley Janeene

Founder/Executive Director, The Healed Happy Whole Woman

“…I highly recommend Care’s branding services…”

Regina Nicholas

Owner, Goddess Swimwear

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