Hey Fab Finder Squad,

This new journey and re-brand have been so much fun! You all are rocking with me hard and I appreciate it in every way. Today I wanted to show off a local brand that I frequent. As you know I live in Grand Rapids, MI and I am all about fashion, even in a city that is not so much about it. We are known for beer and in some ways food, but I promise you the fashion game here is coming up soon and very soon. I see so many boutiques and lines popping up here from millennial entrepreneurs who are doing their thing and doing it well! This piece here is just one of them.  About a month ago I swung by the Fashion Assassins Plus Boutique Summer Pop up shop and honey, when I tell you there were some supre cute pieces there, I am telling you the truth. I walked in an immediately fell in love with this piece, it was not even for sale yet. She had it hanging on a mannequin and I had to have it. Of course, I worked my charm and got her to sell it to me ahead of time and this beauty did not disappoint. There is so much stretch and give in this piece. I have on a 2x and I guarantee I can fit a 1X as well. I opted to add a simple black tube dress from Amazon (Size Large) underneath it and I rocked this look like no ones business!

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Dress | Fashion Assassins Plus Boutique

Tube Dress | Amazon

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