As a newlywed, full time educator, entrepreneur, and blogger, life can be pretty hectic:

– tea every day to keep me calm
– lots of juice, because breakfast just isn’t complete without it
– a minor addiction to vernors and coca cola on weekends

-Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

This lifestyle I live can be hard on my teeth more often than not. Although, I will go to the dentist for teeth cleanings and an occasional whitening if needed, let’s be honest, I dread it every time (the dentist is noisy and extremely uncomfortable for me).

I have tried whitening my teeth at home once before using toothpastes, store bought strips, and even some Pinterest recipes that all left me pretty dissatisfied. Many methods are messy, very time consuming, or overall confusing. I just do not do well will more than 3 to 4 step systems, they’re exhausting!

When Smile Brilliant reached out and asked me to try their product, I was impressed with the process and their personal communication. The process of getting my kit was beyond simple. There was a short questionnaire about my dental history, preference of kit, and it included instructions on making the perfect teeth impressions to fit MY teeth! I still get excited thinking about how simple this process was for me.  

One of the worries I had when beginning to whiten was sensitivity, my teeth are SO sensitive. With smile brilliant, the sensitivity was extremely rare. I have to say the desensitizing gel definitely made a difference for me after every use. I chose to whiten my teeth in the evenings about 30 minutes to an hour after dinner, because I could sit on the couch and snuggle with my husband and forget all about the whitening process (this is a newlywed’s dream).

The kit came with


-My custom teeth trays

-4 whitening gels

-4 desensitizing gels

-Teeth tray holder

-Smile Brilliant signs/swag

I decided to whiten my teeth every night before bed about 45 minutes after dinner and sacrificing my evening tea, because I’m an early bird . I whitened for 45 minutes the first week, and then moved to about 60-70 minutes the second week, and even a 2 hour session on the very last 2 days. I began to see results after my third day of whitening and I could not believe it!

I unfortunately came down with a severe double ear infection (who knew adults could get ear infections sad face) which put me out of commission for 2 weeks. Due to the ear and throat pain I had to stop whitening, which I think impacted my overall results, but in a minor way. Once I was better, I went back to whitening and my teeth still brightened about 3 shades. My husband was impressed and I even received compliments from people who noticed my brightened smile after 2 weeks of misery.

Here’s my before & after results: 

I plan to continue my whitening by ordering more gel soon. This is a system that truly works and one that has removed years of neglect from my smile. I am so excited to now share this with the world, and you can too. Read below to see how you can get your custom kit and save some coins!

Please let me know if you have questions about my experience or about beginning your journey, I am happy to help!


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