Hey Fashion Loves,

Earlier this week we covered How to begin building a wardrobe for work, if you missed it click the link and get all caught up! Today we are covering:

  1. Determining your Office Culture (attire)
  2. Defining your style
  3. Different types of work attire

Let’s get started

1. Determining your Office Culture (attire)

Knowing your office culture when building a work wardrobe is so important. The culture of your office sets the tone for the way you dress. Most of our jobs have codes of conduct, and what is acceptable attire is written in these. Using the code of conduct as a guide is good, but watching what those around you wear is equally as important. Some careers such as corporate work , medical fields, and education call for very specific looks, while there are some fields such as retail, childcare, social work, etc that may call for other looks. Build your work wardrobe around your office culture. You can find out your office culture by completing the “Office Culture worksheet” in the “How to build a wardrobe for work Guide.” (Click on it to sign up and receive your free copy). This worksheet walks you through a scoring system for determining the proper attire for your work environment.

2. Defining you style

In order for you to build a wardrobe for work, no matter what your office culture is, it is important for you to define your style within that culture. What you do on a daily basis will be very important in determining what your style is as well as how and with whom you interact with. If you work in a place that is Business Professional and you are on the front lines, ie main office, one of the first people guest see when they enter the office, you may want your style to emulate exactly what the guest can expect from your work establishment. If you spend long periods of your day standing in an office/space behind a closed door you may be able to have a more relaxed version of the overall office culture. Only you can truly determine what will make you most comfortable throughout this process. Grab my FREE workbook How to build a wardrobe for work and work through the Defining your style worksheet to help you grasp the style you wish to have at work.

3. Types of Work styles

There are 4 main work styles for attire.

Business Formal: Dress to impress. This style is an upgrade from your everyday business attire and is often worn to ceremonies, evening events, and formal invitations. Skirted suit with pantyhose and a closed toe shoe is almost always standard.

Business Professional: Conservative in taste. Although closely related to Business formal, this does not require your most expensive and well tailored suit.  Skirt or pants suits are appropriate. Collared shirts preferred.

Business Casual: Simply put: Suit, not required. Although, a suit is not required, this is not always the time for denim or relaxed clothes either. This style can be tricky.  Collared shirts, sweaters, heels, flats, and boots are all acceptable here.

Small Business Casual: This can vary by office. Check out my Office Culture worksheet by subscribing here if you don’t know your offices culture. This style often allows denim, collarless shirts, heels, flats, and boots. This style still strays from untamed looks and holes in clothes.

Stay tuned next week as I will share the Basics for building a wardrobe for work!