Happy February Loves,

Kyra and Care are back!!! We have been busy preparing our blogs and upcoming adventures for you to enjoy. We have both set some pretty amazing goals and are excited for them to unfold this year. 2017 was a journey for us both but we are so excited to have a forward momentum and new things on the horizon. As February has arrived we decided to share something fun and flirty for this cold month. As you can see one of our favorite fashion colors is involved… Black, and there are a few textures we are sharing as well – Leather & Lace! Read more about our looks below and tell what you think in the comments We love to hear from you!

In the fashion world both leather and lace can be found in many areas. Most commonly lace is popular for undergarments and elegant pieces, and leather is often known for cold Fall weather. We decided it may be fun to mix these two patterns together and give them our own special twist. As we both have different styles but the same love for fashion, this was a challenge that allowed us both to show our style personalities and get a bit more creative than usual.

Care decided to show off some curves and some skin by wearing 3 pieces that rarely ever touch in her closet. Care began with a light gold laced bralette underneath a bell sleeve crop top with lace detail around the neck and back. She finished off this look with a faux leather skirt from @GoodwillGR and some lace up booties. Although Care’s version of leather and lace in non traditional in every way (counting her shoe laces for example) this look was fun for her to create, gave her a confidence she often strays away from and allowed her to couple pieces she would typically not pair together.

When the “leather and lace” theme came about, Kyra’s first reaction was “I for sure have leather but I don’t think I have any lace.” Kyra knew that she didn’t want to purchase anything so went to her closet to see what she had to work with. Just like Kyra’s original thought, she didn’t have any lace. At this moment, Kyra knew that she would have to get creative. Lingerie/sleepwear have both been recently trending so Kyra decided to take a shot at it. It was def out of her comfort zone but the look ended up working out for her. Kyra paired her thrifted moto jacket, with her thrifted satin slip (with lace), and a pair of her favorite ripped denim.

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