Hey Fashion Loves,

How was your week? Mine was eventful and full of productivity. I have been working hard in life and I am excited to report that it is my time! I am enjoying the journey I am on, and I am trying to make use of every moment of my life. Taking care of myself and those I love has helped me in so many ways. In honor of life, I am sharing a fun post. I have no true story behind why I decided to shoot this look, and there is not anything really deep either, I just felt like being Queenish, so here it is.
This is one of those looks that just kind of happens to you. One day you wake up feeling yourself and you pull out something that makes you look like how you feel. I know I am a queen because my Heavenly father says so…plus all this melanin! Today I decided to sit on the throne. I wanted to show off one of my pieces that does not get much love from me often. This pearl collar is a gem to me and one that I rarely bring out. As you know by now pearls are my favorite gemstone and I have an entire look dedicated to them (“Girly Pearls,” Check it out HERE). This collar makes me look and feel like a Queen so I let it do all the talking for me today. Simple black dress with simple black heels and a collar full of pearls is all I needed to pull this look off. Tell me what you think! Interested in this necklace? Leave me a message in the comments.