Hey Fashion Loves,

I have been a little quiet lately and I’m sorry for that. My motivation has been at an all time low. I am excited to say I am back and prayerfully not taking anymore week breaks from you all. As we are more than half way through the first month of the year, How is 2018 treating you? Its keeping me busy and humble, thats for sure. I am excited to keep pushing through this year and enjoy the journey I am on. This brings me to the details of this look.

This year I wanted to challenge myself to level up my style and my blog, something like being an Icon. Icon/Iconic means a person who is very successful or admired” (Webster’s Dictionary). As much as this seems self centered and vain, I mean it with a humble heart (LOL). I want to be the person that people look to because I am exuding greatness. I want to be known for the good in me, be emulated because I have what others want to possess.  As this has become a part of who I am, this shirt was so fitting. I actually found this shirt last year at 5Below when I was doing a series called T-shirt Tuesday with some of my students. This shirt mattered to me then, and it matters to me even more now. How do you plan to be an icon in your life?I paired this top with some of my favorite denim and a well trimmed velour blazer that I of course thrifted from @GoodwillGRMI and some oh so fabulous boots from @JustFab. Because this look was a simple one I have to give my ears some extra love by wearing some chandelier fringe and pearl earrings. As I have been feeling my super short hair cut lately, it was the icing on the cake to complete this look. Tell me your thoughts on this look in the comments! 🙂