Hey Fashion Loves,

I know you are probably wondering why I have on flats! As you know by now, I have been trying to switch up my style and flats weren’t originally in the plan, but aren’t too bad in my eyes now. One of the Fashion Lover squad members (are you in the squad? Join now here!) requested I do a few looks on flats in the work place. Over the next few months I plan to have at least one look that includes flats to show some of the fashion lovers who like to stay a little closer to the ground some love!

This look was inspired by two of my favorite fashion pairings, black and leopard! 🙂 As you can see I pulled them both together in this look and had so much fun doing it. I stumbled upon this super cute dress at one of my local Goodwills @GoodwillGRMI and could not pass it up. First of all it is a sweater up top and is a pleated skirt on the bottom. This dress is a true quality piece and one that you will see again in someway!

I added some simple details to this look to give it a little more life. This belt was a $1 find at the Goodwill as well and worked effortlessly with this bag someone actually gave to me a few months ago. I couldn’t end this look without a pair of stylish leopard flats and a smile of course! This look can also be worn with tights or a different accent color/print. Can someone try this with Red or green tights and let me know how it goes? 🙂 Try it out and tell me how you like it in the comments.