Hey Fashion Loves,

Happy 2018! I hope your 2017 was blessed, prosperous, and a journey in the right direction. No matter how your 2017 was, I pray prosperity and peace over you in 2018! I am walking into this year with nothing but confidence! I must admit I have been enjoying the last few years more than ever. I have been blessed and in high spirits. Of course I have had some bad days, and even more than that I have had some sleepless nights, but I am confident that this year will be my greatest year thus far.

Sometimes we look at life and think that confidence is only relevant in looks or the ways in which we do something. I am claiming confidence in all areas of my life. I challenge you to also walk confidently in every area of your life this year. I was starting to lose confidence in my looks due to my weight gain, my academic career because studying for the GRE is kicking my butt, and my finances because I am not saving what I want to be saving or making what I want to be making from my blog, and Fashion with Care business. One of the things I notice is that I need to work harder, do more, and be more confident no matter where I am in life. I urge you to take this journey with me.

This look was one that was encouraged by one of my followers who wanted me to share some looks wearing flats. Y’all know I love me a good heel because they make you look slimmer and sometimes I just feel sexier. As I am talking about confidence, I decided to accept the challenge. This is my attempt at wearing some flats and feeling extremely confident doing so. I bought this shirt last yer when I was doing something called T-shirt Tuesday for my students and I decided to bring it back out for this look. I am wearing my necklace from my wedding, and blazer I thrifted from my favorite store of course @GoodwillGR! I finished this look off with some ankle pants from Walmart and these super cute loafers from Catos Fashions.

Tell me what you thought of this look and how you will be confident in 2018!