The #KCStyleCollab is bringing in the New Year by taking it back! As you can see we pulled out our overalls. Like back in the day, when we were in first grade.  We’re just kidding, this time we brought them back a little more trendy and a bit more stylish. Overalls were once known for being “worker mans” clothes. We know you remember the age of Carhart! When overalls were in a khaki color and always dirty because the person wearing them worked hard all day long. Well, they’re back, but this time they are back in style. One of the trendiest styles of 2017 was overalls so why not share our take on them with you. 

The best thing about these overalls was that we purchased them for $8 from the Clearance rack at Target. As you can see they came in a range of sizes, and they ALMOST had both of our sizes in stock. Care had to squeeze in hers, and the behind the scenes photos are hilarious (Should we share them?). Maybe we will share one day. Nonetheless we managed to pull them off (we think) in a way that was fun and unique to the #KCStyleCollab. We have two different styles in many ways, but we were able to rock the same overalls to our own comfort and flare. When was the last time you rocked a pair?

Overalls, although Kyra hasn’t worn them since she was a child, she couldn’t pass these up. Let’s take a look at why she loves them. 1. They are wide leg. If you know anything about Kyra, you know that she is a sucker for a wide leg pant. 2. They are denim, when can you ever go wrong with denim? 3. They came from one of Kyra’s favorite stores, Target. I mean, who doesn’t love Target? If you can go to Target and come out with only what you went in for, Kyra would LOVE to learn your secret! 5. Lastly, they were on sale! Yup, Kyra loves a good sale and these overalls were less than $10! I mean how could you pass them up???? Kyra styled her overalls with a sheer bodysuit and one of her favorite statement necklaces. Kyra was going for a more dressy feel when styling her overalls. Styling these overalls with a simple tee can give them a completely different look for a more casual/relaxed feel. When was the last time you wore overalls and how did you style them?

Care had all the laughs when wearing these overalls. If you follow her blog www.fashionwithCare.com you would know she often talks about her weight gain and how it has impacted her confidence, in a positive way. These overalls fit into that perfectly. Care has not worn overalls in ages, other than showing off some velvety corduroy ones last V-day (check them out here). Care had to squeeze into these a little more than the day she bought them but she was not going to let Kyra down. 🙂 Care opted to add a slighty off the shoulder top to her overalls to show off a little skin, and paired them with some strappy sandals to elongate her legs. Care really enjoyed this look, and all the laughs it brought to the #KCStyle Collab.  Both Kyra and Care loved that these overalls were wide leg and a solid wash. This made them easy to style and super trendy. We hope you enjoyed how we showed off our version of these overalls. Tell us would you wear these? Whats your style? What was the last trend you wore and loved? We look forward to your comments! Share them with us below!

Ps: We know this post and all the #KCStyleCollab post are written in more than one person grammatically. It’s our thing 🙂

Happy New Year from Kyra & Care